Dermatological Society of Singapore

Dermatological Society of Singapore

The Dermatological Society of Singapore (DSS) was established formally in 1972. However, the origin of the Society dates back to 1960 when a group of 19 doctors founded the Singapore Dermatological Society under the umbrella of the Singapore Medical Association. The name was later changed to DSS when it became an independent society. DSS is currently a member of the League of ASEAN Dermatological Societies (LADS) and the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS).

DSS is an open society for medical doctors interested in dermatology. Members include both dermatologists and non-dermatologists. Amongst the founding members of DSS were internal medicine physicians, plastic surgeons and rheumatologists. To date, DSS has over 120 dermatologist members. The objectives of the society include advancing the knowledge and practice of dermatology, promoting dermatology research and promoting regional and international co-operation in dermatology.

DSS organises continual medical education events such as clinical meetings, seminars, workshops, annual scientific meetings (ASM) and the regional conference of dermatology (RCD). The first ASM was held on 19 May 1985 and the first RCD held in Singapore was in May 1974. More recently, we had organised a few successful meetings including the 22nd RCD in April 2016, an inaugural nail workshop with our 30th ASM in 2017 and the 9th Regional Scientific Meeting of Paediatric Dermatology (RSMPD) with our 31st ASM in 2018.

To encourage excellence in dermatology, DSS gives out the DSS Book Prize and the VS Rajan Gold Medal for Dermatology to the best candidate and outstanding student respectively, in the final year dermatology examination of the National University of Singapore Medicine (NUS). DSS also donates part of the surpluses from regional conferenced held in Singapore to National Skin Centre (NSC), the main undergraduate and post-graduate training institution in Singapore, for educational purposes. To encourage research in dermatology, funds are also set aside to support local research.  In addition, a one-time donation from Dr Tay Chong Hai, one of the founding members of DSS, also funds part of the Best Paper prizes at every DSS ASMs.

DSS also set up the Chan Heng Leong memorial lectureship in memory of the late Prof Chan Heng Leong who was instrumental in the early development of dermatology as a clinical specialty in Singapore. The lectureship is a platform where respected local or overseas senior dermatologists share their experience, knowledge or skills at our DSS ASMs.

As part of promoting regional and international co-operation in dermatology, DSS gives out annual scholarships since 2007 to two AAD dermatology trainees to our DSS ASM in reciprocation to the AAD scholarship which is given to our local dermatology trainees to attend the annual AAD meeting in the United States. DSS also offers scholarships to the Sri Lankan College of Dermatologists for two of their best trainees to come over for the DSS ASM since 2008. DSS also contributes towards the travel grants offered by LADS at each RCD and during years when RCD are hosted in Singapore, the society has also taken the lead to match the contributions from every society of the LADS to support more trainees to come to Singapore to learn.

With this spirit of pushing the boundaries in whatever we aim to do, the society made the decision in 2015 to bid to host the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in 2023. We believe we have an excellent infrastructure and good people to make WCD in Singapore and in South East Asia region a reality.